Private Security Identification Number (PSIN)

The unique global identifier for private funds.

PSINs allow for unambiguous data transfer and clearing on private funds.

Private Security Identification Number (PSIN)
The unique global identifier for private funds.

Completely Unique Fund Identifier

PSINs serve as comprehensive and unique identifiers for every private fund available worldwide. Designed to be both machine and human-readable, PFINs are constructed using key information such as manager, strategy, numeral, vintage, structure, and class. With PSINs, you can easily identify and distinguish between different funds, ensuring accurate and efficient data management.

Reduce Data Errors

Avoid the confusion and risks that can come from funds with similar names, parallel funds, and feeder funds, and other complex fund structures. PSINs provide an unambiguous and standardized source of truth for private funds. By utilizing PSINs, you can significantly reduce costly errors and enhance confidence in your transactions and data management processes.

Preserve Data Security

Ensure the integrity and security of your data. With PSINs, you can mitigate the risk of data mix-ups and inaccuracies that can occur when dealing with complex private fund structures. By relying on the unique and standardized identification provided by PSINs, you can safeguard the quality and consistency of your data, maintaining the highest levels of data security.

Secure your data and transfer process with PSIN.

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