Market Data

Understand private markets with real time pricing data.

Access bid, ask, and trade data for private funds you hold so you can make better investment decisions.

Market Data
Understand private markets with real time pricing data.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Our market data provides sellers and buyers in the LP secondaries market with real-time performance metrics for their portfolios. Stay updated on the latest valuations, performance trends, and key financial indicators, enabling you to make informed decisions and actively monitor the health of your investments.

Market Insights with Bid, Ask, and Trade Data

Our market data offers a comprehensive view of the current market dynamics in the LP secondaries space. Access bid and ask prices, as well as trade data, to gain valuable insights into market trends, liquidity levels, and pricing benchmarks. Stay ahead of the competition and make informed investment or divestment decisions based on reliable market information.

Efficient Trade Discovery with Bid and Ask Orders

Our market data platform allows you to enter bid and ask orders, facilitating trade discovery in the LP secondaries market. Sellers can showcase their offerings, while buyers can express their interest in specific LP interests or portfolios. This efficient matching of bid and ask orders streamlines the transaction process and helps identify potential trading opportunities.

Improved Negotiation

With access to bid, ask, and trade data, sellers and buyers in the LP secondaries market can gain a better understanding of fair market values and pricing trends. This information empowers you to negotiate more effectively, ensuring that transactions align with current market conditions and optimizing the outcome for all parties involved.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Our market data platform enables sellers and buyers to make data-driven decisions in the LP secondaries market. Analyze historical trends, market performance, and benchmarking data to evaluate investment opportunities, assess risk, and optimize portfolio strategies. Increase confidence in your decision-making process through the power of reliable and comprehensive market data.

Data Integration and Customization

Our market data platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and tools. Whether you need to integrate market data with your portfolio management software or customize data views to align with your specific needs, our platform provides flexibility and compatibility, empowering you to optimize data integration and customization for efficient decision-making.

Benchmarks & Data

Leverage our wide reaching private fund database and benchmark data from our previous transactions to inform your process. Private markets can feel opaque and anecdotal. Tap provides a clear picture of the current market climate and comprehensive data to ensure your clients are always in line with prevailing conditions.

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