Secondaries Funds

Discover high quality data and deal flow.

Tap’s network of holders and real time market prices allow secondaries funds to find and execute on deals at advantageous terms.

Secondaries Funds
Discover high quality data and deal flow.

Source the best fit deals for your firm.

Whether you are a generalist investor or a niche buyer, Tap makes it easy to discover the exact types of investments you’re targeting.

Once you’ve submitted your investment interests, you’ll start receiving opportunities from our team across LPs and GPs that align with your focus. Review the teaser, voice interest in the deal, and get the transaction started – all within Tap.

Save time with pragmatic transaction management tools.

Streamline the repetitive parts of the deal process. Get to what’s important faster with our digital NDA tools, private messaging, and in-platform document sharing and storage.

Our CRM-style deal status updates make it easy for you and your team to keep your deal pipeline organized and up to date. Leave comments for colleagues who are on the road to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Stay on top of the market with real time pricing.

Empower your trading strategies with Tap's real-time market data. Our platform offers instant access to current pricing trends, allowing you to make more analytical and data-driven decisions. Understand the full context of your potential deals, compare asset values across the market, and execute transactions with confidence.

Secure proprietary transactions with proactive bids.

Tap's platform offers the unique ability to proactively place bids on assets of interest. This means you're not just responding to deals coming to the market- you’re also creating new opportunities. With Tap, you can seize the initiative and secure transactions before they become widely known in the marketplace.

Get access to new market data and more deal flow.

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A team with deep secondaries experience.

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*Team data is as of Q1 2024. Includes transactions directly advised at prior firms.


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Leverage the biggest private trading platform to find and execute LP secondary transactions across geographies, strategies, and managers.

GP Stake Liquidity

Tap provides you with the flexibility to sell or borrow against your GP commit and carry, empowering you to access the liquidity you desire.