Streamlined Bid Management

Collect, manage, and negotiate bids with full transparency across one or multiple assets.

Streamlined Bid Management

Simple or Sophisticated

Receive or submit simple bids alongside structured proposals. Tap also supports mosaic bid management wherein multiple bids are combined to optimize purchase prices across multiple assets. Your capital markets advisory will work with you to manage the process through the platform.  

Real-Time Visibility

Get a consolidated dashboard to track and compare bids in real time. All the tools you need to receive and manage bids are in one spot, right at your fingertips. Our workflow simplifies the bidding process and automatically keeps all parties updated in real-time.

One Integrated Platform

Seamlessly advance your transaction from dataroom through bidding and negotiating into settlement. Through one modern interface you can work with your advisor to ensure the best outcome with the smallest hassle.

Get started with a transaction in secondary markets.

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