General Partners

The essential secondaries partner for fund managers.

Tap works closely with general partners to design, structure, and execute successful transactions to enhance returns and facilitate LP liquidity.

General Partners
The essential secondaries partner for fund managers.

Drive superior returns by utilizing secondary transactions.

Every transaction presents unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it's LP liquidity or partial realizations via strip sales or preferred financing structures, Tap provides a comprehensive solution. We offer an adaptable platform that caters to diverse transaction types, making us the single partner for all your secondary needs.

Offer your LPs a formal liquidity solution.

In today's rapidly evolving market, offering your LPs liquidity options is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Tap can be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of the secondary markets. We provide a robust platform to facilitate the process, ensuring your LPs have seamless access to liquidity when they need it.

Build trust with a transparent, secure software experience.

LPs expect a seamless and professional experience. With Tap, you're assured of a transparent and secure software experience that surpasses traditional methods. Forget about cumbersome email chains. Our platform provides intuitive document management, data rooms, and bidding processes. This secure environment fosters trust with LPs and promotes efficient transactions.

Access GP stake liquidity for personal and growth capital.

Whether it's meeting personal financial objectives or driving business expansion, Tap understands that GPs may require liquidity. We provide a versatile toolkit that enables GPs to unlock liquidity on their commitments and carried interest. Choose from outright sales or NAV loans tailored to your unique needs. With Tap, financial flexibility is at your fingertips.

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